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A small dollars now, I'll send the rest of the tenth
Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC is now free on origin. If you have BFH go ahead and get it !! :)
Now this one is currently active ... Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and destroy 1 million boats.
well, crap!
Well it is like one month old .... It was comunity mission. ... BTW you could just claim it as the rest of the comunity did it :)
How in the sam hell can we get 25 million revivies, Alka?! LOL
Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and get 25 million Revives
[link] Youtube link ... with quality options and so on
For those who do not know ... BF1 Squads (64 players will play BF1) is right here ... They are little bit late but we will see. [link]
I am king of procrastination! :d
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This week we recognize, JoeBleed, for his activity and support. Great Job, Joe!

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