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A small dollars now, I'll send the rest of the tenth
Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC is now free on origin. If you have BFH go ahead and get it !! :)
Now this one is currently active ... Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and destroy 1 million boats.
well, crap!
Well it is like one month old .... It was comunity mission. ... BTW you could just claim it as the rest of the comunity did it :)
How in the sam hell can we get 25 million revivies, Alka?! LOL
Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and get 25 million Revives
[link] Youtube link ... with quality options and so on
For those who do not know ... BF1 Squads (64 players will play BF1) is right here ... They are little bit late but we will see. [link]
I am king of procrastination! :d
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Mamba has joined the channel [Tue at 12:20]
Tue at 12:23
Hey Smuff. Glad to see you're safe and doing well. Sorry to hear about your wife's father. Yeah, we just went from being a clan with only one game to more of a Community based.
Mamba has left the channel [Tue at 12:24]
Tue at 19:24
FYI, i am working on figureiing out the TS3 issue with the IP. I am making a lot of head way so that if the IP address changes it doens't matter. At least that is was my plan is :d
Mamba has joined the channel [Tue at 23:44]
Tue at 23:44
Ok lol. Thanks!
Tue at 23:45
You guys still playing bf 2?
Mamba has left the channel [Tue at 23:45]
Wed at 2:56
i am switching dns providers. I am not sure how long it will take to populate, generally it can take up to 48 hours for it to be updated.
Wed at 2:56
In the meantime, you can always connect with
Wed at 3:09 works for connection
Wed at 3:58
it doesnt work for me
Wed at 4:42
its back up now
Wed at 4:43
still have some tweaking to do but works
Wed at 22:17
i think i may have got it worked out; however, i changed nameservers and i am wairting for that to take affect. Once it does, all hell could break loose or everything could be peachy :d we'll see...
Mamba has joined the channel [Thu at 11:59]
Thu at 12:00
Thanks Billy for all the time and effort and hard word helping the group. I think mostly eveyone is just gone and in the wind nowadays.
Thu at 12:15
Site has very little activity. But thank you and I hope all is well.
Thu at 12:16
Every time I look on TS3 or the server, no one is online. I think they are just playing on other servers nowadays.
Thu at 12:16
I should be back in action NOV 16th.
Mamba has left the channel [Thu at 12:16]
Thu at 15:10
Its all good, it helps me learn anyway. Its hard to come up with reasons to get things to work unless. Even if it isn't being used all that muhc, it still forces me to learn more about DNS and how websites are hosted.
Mamba has joined the channel [Thu at 17:44]
Thu at 17:44
I got Oral Surgery in the AM, so I won't be around for a few days.
Thu at 17:45
Mamba has left the channel [Thu at 18:07]
Mamba has joined the channel [Thu at 18:13]
Thu at 18:14
Roster is now updated.
Thu at 18:15
Mamba has left the channel [Thu at 18:15]
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